Wood waste is always looked upon as a problem but in fact it can be turned into an asset.

Scrap timber can be used to heat your factory, whether in solid or chip form. In chip form, timber burns more efficiently giving approximately 30% more heat with less ash.
Chipping generally speaking reduces bulk, therefore reducing required storage area.

Wood chip also has other uses, soft wood chips are used by chicken and duck farmers and some mixed woods are suitable for animal bedding.

Hard and soft wood chips can be used on all-weather equestrian courses and for spreading over horse training areas and gallops as well as golf course paths and for general ground cover.

There are many companies who deal in the purchase and sale of wood chip and shavings, and although the remuneration from these companies can vary dependant on quality and form, it is infinitely better than tipping scrap solids into a skip and paying for them to be taken away to landfill or just burnt in an incinerator.

If you do not burn your scrap for heating or if you have a large surplus having already accounted for that which may be required for heating, then it is logical to find a buyer for that surplus.